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Boost sales with a vertical CRM platform

Nikè CRM is a fundamental tool for those who deal with sales: it allows you to access data and information quickly and flexibly, being able to analyze results anywhere and from any device or channel, online or offline. In this way the sales management can easily consult all the commercial activities of each customer, the history of communications (email, social media, web, events…), including a summary view of all the activities carried out by each seller and the portfolio of open negotiations.

Salespeople, on the other hand, will be able to better organize their work by planning current and future activities and, by automating all operations, having more time to expand their list of commercial opportunities. They will have the possibility to create orders and quotations with a few simple steps, to easily access commercial and promo conditions, to check their activities through evaluation reports, to manage with flexibility their visit plan thanks to several innovative features such as geolocalized survey tools.

They will also be able to have always up-to-date digital material at their disposal, thus avoiding the clutter of leaflets, brochures, price lists, catalogues and bulky paper documents, often dated and unsustainable, replaced by always up-to-date digital files, interactive catalogues and emotional cards full of images and information.

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