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Why Giusti

The world is constantly changing, change with Giusti.

Traditional business models are suffering a radical transformation due to new digitization processes, and companies that don’t keep up, risk to loose competitiveness. To prevent this from happening, Giusti has developed Nikè CRM, the ideal tool to increase company productivity through the automation and efficiency of management, control, relationship, promotion and sales processes.

Obviously, each field of application has its own peculiar characteristics and specific development features, and thanks to over 30 years of activity and to the know-how acquired, Giusti has developed a platform that makes easy customization and integration one of its strong points so far.

The most important difference between Nikè and other CRMs is precisely this: being designed to be able to customize the answers to every single problem, according to the specific needs of the organizational model of each individual company and to the characteristics of the market in which it operates.

The areas of development within which Nikè CRM can guarantee excellent and flexible performances in terms of efficiency and customization are various.


  • An advanced Business Intelligence: the added value of a better use of data
  • Align marketing and sales by reorganizing data and information flow
  • Relaunch sales thanks to a verticalized platform
  • Grow your business with innovative tools
  • Improve the online shopping experience by elevating cross-selling and up-selling
  • Improve retail sell-in strategies
  • Improve work with a user-friendly interface
  • A 360° view on each customer thanks to flexible database management
  • Competitive costs and development time thanks to a flexible and integrable project core
  • Having the certainty of never being alone

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Il punto di riferimento italiano per lo sviluppo di soluzioni CRM e SFA personalizzate

Da 1986 Giusti è un punto di riferimento indiscusso nel panorama nazionale in ambito di soluzioni software destinate a molteplici tipologie d’impresa, dalla PMI fino alle multinazionali. Dotata di uno staff di specialisti con un elevato know how (Link a know how) in ambito informatico e aziendale, Giusti è orientata alla realizzazione di prodotti tecnologici in grado di organizzare e ottimizzare le attività di gestione della rete commerciale …

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