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The customizable CRM solution for sales force optimization

As part of the Nikè project, Giusti has designed and developed an innovative multi-platform software system capable of managing inbound and outbound sales activities in a simple and intuitive way, optimizing processes and enhancing sales force automation in a radically customized perspective that aims at a “tailor-made” approach for each company.

Efficient, solid, secure, competitive and designed from the outset to be highly customizable, Nikè is characterized by a single operating interface and a single standard reference database, around which gravitates a galaxy of constantly updated and evolving apps, to make the product scalable and integrable each time, based on the specific needs of each client.

With its countless functionalities, highly customizable and suitable for different types of companies, Nikè allows you to manage your company’s business in the best possible way, increasing productivity and improving company life in terms of time saved, efficiency, profitability and ease of management.

Clients who adopt Nikè also have the security of being able to take advantage of continuous app development and the constant introduction of new technologies, to make work smarter and easier, especially on the mobile side.

Nikè apps allow customers to always have everything at their fingertips, to successfully and effortlessly apply a truly effective sales force automation policy.

Why choose Nikè:

  1. Robust, secure and reliable project core
  2. A galaxy of specialized Apps
  3. Easily customizable and integrable
  4. Full operational efficiency
  5. Extensive and well-structured data management back office
  6. Online and Offline modes of use
  7. Multiplatform (iOS, Android, Web)
  8. Sales oriented
  9. Sales Force friendly
  10. Marketing oriented
  11. Innovative
  12. Multilingual

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