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Innovative Development

Innovation that looks to the future

Solving the needs of a company and its sales force through the introduction of innovative, visionary, tested and functional solutions has always been the key objective accompanying Giusti’s philosophy. Giusti’s innovation is mainly achieved in two areas: App development and the vast world of integration.

In addition to periodic updates of the existing Apps and Modules, Giusti’s programmers are constantly working to find answers to the new business functions that will gradually appear in incoming projects, but also to integrate new technologies, new ways of using data, new collaboration systems, new features that will be introduced in future updates. This means dedicating constant attention to study and research and never losing sight of the complex and whirling world of technological progress.

The other area of innovation is that which concerns 360° integration, with management platforms and their updates, with e-commerce platforms, with the geolocation, collaboration, work organization and interaction tools that the new web technologies make available to us.

This innate force towards continuous improvement is realized in the ability to anticipate the times and the continuous evolution of the software, in response to the needs and dynamics of the market that requires increasingly advanced, modern and creative functions.
The company that adopts Nikè is thus sure to adopt a solution in continuous development capable of making work smarter and easier, especially on the mobile side.

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