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Analysis and consulting

Experts at your service, for personalized analysis

Right from the pre-sales phase, Giusti is available to guide each company in making the choice of the most suitable solution for its business. Our experts are always available to advise customers and prospects on the best strategies to adopt in order to achieve business objectives.

Once the project has been approved, the analysis team examines the client’s needs to identify the functionalities to be integrated with respect to the broad standard functional base and those to be implemented ad hoc.

Once the best solution has been chosen, the development team starts with the tailor-made configuration, at the end of which the training team organizes a series of face-to-face or remote appointments to transfer, in a short time and with extreme ease, all the skills needed to master the tools made available.

On the Nikè CRM website there are also always video tutorials available to deepen or review specific topics related to the software over time.

Operational approach • Assistance

Always by the side of our customers until the goals are achieved.

Giusti always follows its customers, from the pre-sales phase to the post-sales phase, in order to accompany the customer to the achievement of its objectives by establishing a lasting dialogue and a profitable sharing of information.


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