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Who we are

The Italian reference point for the development of customized CRM and SFA solutions

Since 1986 Giusti has been an undisputed reference point in the national panorama of software solutions for many types of companies, from SMEs to multinationals. With a staff of specialists with a high level of know how in the IT and business fields, Giusti is oriented towards the creation of technological products capable of organizing and optimizing the management activities of companies’ sales networks, with the aim of improving sales force automation.

Thanks to the high performance of its products, the high degree of reliability of its team of professionals and its long experience, Giusti has been developing software solutions for over thirty years, that ensure the automatic management of the entire sales cycle, promoting real-time communication between salespeople and the company and optimizing the entire sales process.

A guarantee of quality and high professionalism are the references of international level and the strategic partnerships established with important companies in many business sectors, to ensure customers a fast, accurate, and all-inclusive service, which is constantly evolving.

Suites and Products • NIKÈ

Nikè CRM

Nikè is the CRM platform developed by Giusti to meet the needs of the modern enterprise, now a reference point in the national panorama of CRM and SAM software solutions.

Multi-platform, easily integrable and customizable, reliable and efficient, Nikè is an evolved software system that includes a complete range of Apps designed and produced by Giusti to globally manage the sales activity, increase the productivity of the company business and successfully implement the automation of processes and activities of the sales force.



Develop innovative and bespoke software solutions to improve sales processes and business performance.

With Nikè, Giusti wants to contribute to the growth of company performance through the development of increasingly innovative, effective, integrated, and customized software and App solutions. Capable of optimizing, automating and making sales processes more profitable, improving the management of the sales network, facilitating contact management and increasing the number of prospects converted into customers.


Imagining and implementing innovation in the world of Sales Force Automation to enable our customers to stay one step ahead.

The culture of digital innovation is not only the result of a solid IT know-how or process. It is also curiosity, imagination, study, research, and the ability to relate things, people, concepts, and giving attention to perceiving the cultivation of new ideas.

Having a culture of innovation means believing in the challenge of progress. It means not giving up when faced with objectives that previously seemed unattainable. It means being able to appreciate the value of discovery with the foresight and courage of a visionary and pioneering spirit. The culture of innovation is achieved when it modifies the operating procedures of a company, transforming them into benefits and better performance.

This is why Giusti‘s dream is to provide its customers with increasingly advanced, smart and tailored IT solutions, capable of enhancing the potential of their business management and sales force, to always be one step ahead.

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