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Boost sales with a verticalized CRM platform.


To be able to count on the certainty of never being alone.


A 360° view of each customer thanks to flexible database management.


Improve sell-in strategies
in the retail environment.


To grow business through innovative tools.


An evolved Business Intelligence: the added value of a better use of data.


Improve the online shopping experience by elevating cross-selling and up-selling


Align marketing and sales by reorganizing data and information flow


Competitive costs and development time thanks to a flexible and integrable project core.

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Excellent companies choose Giusti every day.

Giusti is proud to boast a list of excellent clients. Every year, in fact, a large number of leading companies in their field choose to use Nikè to optimize their sales processes.

Company • Staff

A reliable team of professionals at your service

Giusti’s staff is made up of several complementary, highly specialized, trained and constantly updated professionals. The team has a multidisciplinary knowledge of both business management and sales force automation techniques, and is able to propose innovative, effective technological solutions tailored to the specific needs of each customer.


Company • History

Innovative from birth

Giusti‘s story began in 1986 with the conception of one of the first and most complete Italian projects in the field of developing solutions for sales force automation: the Nikè project.
Focused from the beginning on solving the problems most closely related to the management of commercial agencies, over the years Nikè has undergone a constant and systematic evolution, expanding its range of action towards increasingly important and large mandated companies.


Suites and Products • Nikè

The tailored CRM solution for the automation of your sales force

As part of the Nikè project, Giusti has designed and developed an innovative multi-platform software system capable of managing inbound and outbound sales activities in a simple and intuitive way, optimizing processes and enhancing sales force automation in a radically customized perspective that aims at a “tailor-made” approach for each company.


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